Clearwage offers Provisioning and Single Sign-On (SSO) functionalities for companies who use an identity management platform like Okta. This allows IT administrators to better manage team access and keeps information more secure.

Our Okta integration is based on SCIM 2.0 and OpenID Connect, two standards which permit identity providers like Okta to safely synchronize accounts and manage authentication of service providers like Clearwage.



This part provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure Provisioning both in Okta and Clearwage.

1. Enable Okta integration in Clearwage

First, launch Clearwage, open the user menu and navigate to Settings.

In the Integrations section, you'll find the Okta integration. Click on Configure.

On the integration page, toggle the Enable Okta integration checkbox then apply the changes.

Notice the . We'll need it later.

Notice the API Token. We'll need it later.

2. Add Clearwage application in Okta

Open the Okta administration console, navigate to Applications and click on Browse app catalog. Search for the Clearwage application and click Add.